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The next collation is March 19, 2005. The default location will be the Taylor home unless other volunteers are heard from.

The OE would like to know your pagecount by Thursday afternoon, March 17, 6pm.

Other sites of note:

Myriad Group at Yahoo Groups

Member web pages:

Avery Davis
Jerry Lawson
Mike Rogers
Daniel Taylor
Linda Young

Did I miss any? Tell me! (Is it time to start a Myriad WebRing?)

AtomiCon 2005

Nancy has already begun discussions about food for the commons: whether, how much, and what kind.

AtomiCon 2004

I'm still collecting money to pay last year's hotel bill. You know how to reach me.

Myriad Amateur Press Alliance

To join, send 25 copies of a zine (at least four pages) and $12 for book rate dues, to the Official Editor, Daniel Taylor : Contact me for the address.

Return of the OEDipal Mess

Remember, copy count is now 25.

The Constitution of Myriad

Article I

Myriad is an amateur press alliance designed to promote communication between more-or-less like-minded people.

Article II

The Official Editor shall see that the mailings are distributed to all members. The OE shall make all rules pertaining to deadlines, dues, maximum membership, and any other matters related to mailing-to-mailing government. The OE is elected by a majority of the voting members for a period of one year.

Article III

This Constitution cannot be changed in any way whatsoever.

The Rules of Myriad (revised 1/03)

1) DUES: Individual or joint memberships are $12 per year for six bimonthly mailings at Book Rate. First Class Postage option is $20 / year (an additional $8). Household membership (which includes two copies of the APA each mailing) are $18 / year. First Class Household is $25.

2) ROSTER LIMIT is 25. Persons sharing a mailing address may choose joint membership (they count as one membership, pay one set of dues, get one mailing and one set of voting privileges) or household membership (they count as two members, get two copies of the mailing and two votes). (Memberships are typically terminated by (a) failure to meet activity requirements, (b) failure to pay dues, or (c) resignation.

3) COPY COUNT is TWENTY-FIVE (25). Please count your zine carefully before you send it in.

4) Please COLLATE your zine. You need not STAPLE it, however. (Emergencies can be overlooked.)

5) MINIMUM ACTIVITY (MINAC) is FOUR pages every other mailing, split any way you wish. Of these four, no more than one may be a reprint of any kind -- that is, the other three must be original to Myriad.

6) DEADLINES are meant to be honored. Any zines not received by the OE on or before the established deadline run the risk of not being included in a mailing.

7) The WAITLIST consists of those waiting for an opening on the membership roster. At present there is no fee.

A) Each waitlister receives a copy of the Official Organ, and must acknowledge it to retain his spot on the list. Each person who is considering joining Myriad will receive one free copy of the full mailing if supplies are available to do so. Any additional or subsequent copies of the full mailing may be requested from the OE at a cost of $3.00 each.

B) Waitlisters may contribute to any mailing, but have no vote in official elections.

C) In order for anyone to claim a memberspot, the opening must be announced in the Official Organ. (This is primarily to insure that Atlanta locals don't have an unfair advantage.)

D) When a waitlister is invited to membership, he must send 25 copies of his zine, and at least $12 dues, to the OE by the following deadline to claim the spot. If the invited waitlister fails to do this, the opening may be claimed that same mailing by the first waitlister to send pages and money by that deadline.


A) OFFICIAL EDITOR: Ballot will be presented in the fifth mailing of each term (the first mailing of each calendar year), and the results announced in the sixth. Ballots are counted by a non-candidate OFFICIAL TELLER of the OE's naming. Each memberspot gets one vote, yielding a maximum 25 votes. Joint memberships count as one: Household memberships count as two.

B) PRESIDENT (INACTIVE): The Annual Egoboo Poll is the presidential ballot, presented in the first mailing of each calendar year, with results announced in the next mailing. Every active member gets full voting privileges, with joint memberships voting separately.

C) THE TOP FIVE (INACTIVE): In each mailing, the members may vote for their favorite zines in the previous mailing. Every contributor gets ten points to allocate as he/she wishes.


(And fine whims they are)

1) Have fun!

2) The collation schedule is to be set by the host. The OE agrees that the hosting family and the members who arrive on time should not be kept waiting except in cases of true emergency. If you are not able to arrive on time, be sure to have your zine delivered by someone else or have it mailed to the OE prior to collation.

3) Myriad is collectively our APA. We solicit your ideas, input, cover art, inspiration, help, gripes, bribes, grafts, gratuities and corruption. We’re all in this as a hobby. Let’s make it an enjoyable place to be.

4) The OE will be receptive to requests for membership extension, but not deadline extension.

5) Spec mailings, when available, are $3 to cover postage if necessary.

6) The OE harbors a prejudice against postmailings, but is willing to be convinced should a real need arise. (If I wanted to run a monthly APA, I would have joined a monthly APA.)

7) The OE is more forgiving of dues lapses than inactivity.

8) The OE will attempt to contact members before dropping them for inactivity, but the primary burden of membership extension rests on the member's request, not the OE's offer. (In English: You have to ask.)

9) This seeming plethora of rules is just a framework within which we can Have Fun, which is always Rule One. (Sound familiar?)

: Friday, February 14, 2003